Readiness Audit - GDPR For Hotels

Readiness Audit

The readiness audit or assessment should only be undertaken when you think you’re ready.  Once your policies have been articulated, your systems have been tested and all your record keeping methods are in place.

There are options to choose from as far as readiness assessments are concerned.  Assessments for Data Controllers and Data Processors are included in your membership and these are designed to be suitable for all businesses.  If it is appropriate, there are other assessment options which are available to you for an additional fee.  These will tend to be suitable for larger or more complex businesses.  They do the same job, they just do it in a different way.

We can discuss the options when you’re ready.

The readiness assessment indicates that – at the time the assessment was carried out – your systems were compliant with the requirements of the GDPR.  How you maintain that readiness and compliance is the challenge for your business once you have achieved it.

Ongoing membership of GDPR for Hotels means that your access to training and resources for your team is always there to help you stay ready and refresh your training regularly.  You also have access to documents to allow you to regularly assess your own readiness.

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