Guarantees - GDPR For Hotels


Information about your guarantees with GDPR for Hotels

Of course we have guarantees.

Otherwise, why would you want to do business with us?

A guarantee keeps us sharp and you happy.

The one thing we can’t guarantee is your compliance with the GDPR in the event of a complaint, incident, legal action or investigation.

There are good reasons for this:  There is still uncertainty about what “compliance” looks like; what makes one business “compliant” might not work for the business next door and the notion of “complying” with GDPR and the Data Privacy Act 2018 is very much down the the management, behaviour and culture of each and every business organisation.  We can’t control those things.  We can only influence them.

What we can control is the delivery of our service to you and your satisfaction with it.

There are two primary guarantees which underpin our service to you:

The “Buy It Back” Guarantee

The “Never Alone” Guarantee

As a Key Member with GDPR for Hotels, both are available to you.