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ears are listening

Ears A Data Breach

Do you have employees taking card payments over the phone or in person at a customer desk?  After you’ve read this post, go and listen to what is happening.

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US Lawyers Quick To Act Against Marriott

With almost breathtaking speed two US law firms have filed class action lawsuits against Marriott following their recent data breach.

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standard contractual clauses

No Deal Brexit Preparations

The Government is now issuing technical notices regarding preparations for Brexit.  This morning the prospect of a “no deal” Brexit looks one notch more likely than it did yesterday morning. 

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gdpr for hotels brexit

Personal Data Privacy Post Brexit

An interesting article has been published by Brodies LLP.  There’s a link at the foot of this blog post.  It is time to consider some of the effects of Brexit on GDPR in the context of Hotels....

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personal data breach

The Threat Of Legal Action Is Real

Talk to independent British hoteliers about GDPR, some sigh. Others just hold their heads in their hands. The rest tell me they’ll never get caught, so why bother? This is why you need to bother...

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GDPR, Hotels and OTAs

Play Nice With Your Data Partners Online Travel Agents As Data Controllers One of the things that is about to happen to your hospitality business under GDPR is that it will become a data controller. You

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