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Accommodation Classification

The GDPR for Hotels system is available for four accommodation classifications.  These have been chosen to identify broadly with the classification systems currently used by Visit Britain, Visit England and Visit Scotland.

Focus On What Your Business Does

The system is based on an understanding of the personal data processing needs of each type of accommodation business.

What matters is the way personal data is processed by your business.  As the size of a business increases, more people and processes are involved and things become more complex.  What you need is a system that is just complicated enough to cope with what your business does.  No more.  Otherwise you won’t do it.

The GDPR for Hotels system is available to suit the personal data processing generally found in each type of business.

But we can go even further.  Select your GDPR For Hotels system and we will adjust it to suit what your business actually does.  To reflect what you are doing today and what you will do in the future.  It is flexible and designed to cope with changes.

You can choose whichever of the following structures matches your accommodation business:

Data privacy for Short Let Hospitality

Short Let

  • Self Catering
  • Serviced Apartment
  • Farmhouse


Personal data privacy for B&B businesses


  • Bed & Breakfast up to 10 bedrooms
  • Small Serviced Accommodation
  • Guest House
  • Restaurant With Rooms
  • Inn

Personal data privacy for small hotels

Small Hotel

  • Hotel with 11 – 30 bedrooms
  • Exclusive Use Venue
  • Hostel


  • Hotel with more than 30 bedrooms
  • Camping & Caravan Park
  • Holiday Village
  • Campus Accommodation

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