How to Take Advantage Of Data Privacy
(put GDPR to work for your hotel business)

Reasons to enrol today:

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    Low cost monthly membership keeps you informed and up to date.
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    Gets Your Business Ready to embrace GDPR and Data Privacy to the heart of your marketing.
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    Unlike other businesses who moan about the GDPR you'll be using it to build customer trust .

Some Hoteliers View GDPR As A Compliance Chore.

But Data Privacy Is Your Real Opportunity.

Think "money in", not "money out".

To be successful in the modern data economy, it pays to regard GDPR as more than a compliance chore.  Think of it as a chore and you may well achieve compliance but you will never maintain it or move beyond it.  Compliance is nothing more than a step.  You can choose to stop there and wait for things to happen, or you can take the next step and choose to make things happen. The rewards lie beyond compliance.

Announcing A New Approach

Key Membership in GDPR for Hotels is there with you every step of the way.  From helping you take those first uncertain steps towards being ready for GDPR, to embracing data privacy to the heart of your business and allowing the benefits of transparency and trust to be enjoyed.

The monthly membership model makes this both an affordable and sustainable way to get your business ready for GDPR  - and keep it there.

...or you can sit there worrying about compliance, even ignoring it.  It's up to you.

“I started off being very sceptical.  We had been down a similar path before and it was a chastening experience.  But Key Membership in GDPR for Hotels opened our eyes.  It rebuilt our confidence.”

A Monthly Membership Keeps You Up To Date

By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:


​Low Cost Monthly Membership

Would you rather pay large amounts of money up front?  Or do you prefer things to be free?  We do neither.

Instead you get to enrol in an innovative, useful membership which contains the resources you need to prepare your business.  All at a fee which is cost effective for you and allows us to maintain your membership services at the high level you would expect.


Sixty Day "Buy It Back" Guarantee

You have nothing to lose by enrolling in Key Membership.

If you get 60 days into your Key Membership and in the unlikely event you find you don't like it or simply aren't using it just tell me.  I will buy your membership back from you.  Every penny in membership fees refunded.

No questions, no argument.

You even get to keep all the downloaded content you used.


​A GDPR Readiness System For Your Business

The first goal you will want to achieve is readiness for GDPR and the Data Protection Act.

We don't say "compliance".  We say "readiness".  Nobody is really sure what compliance looks like.

As a Key Member in GDPR for Hotels you get the "21 Steps To Readiness" programme delivered to you over the first 12 weeks of your membership.

You get the first session within 24 hours of enrolling.  Which means you can make progress straight away.

"You mean GDPR?  They've been boring us about this for months!"

"My immediate response reflected my frustration.  Yet another smart so-and-so trying to part me from my cash.  But this proved to be different.  Being a Key Member in GDPR for Hotels made me feel like I had some say and control about what was happening."

​Don't Be A Slave To Data Privacy - Master It

"We decided Wait and See wasn't good enough any more..."

If you have been cautiously monitoring the situation with GDPR and data privacy you might have decided now is the time to take action.

You will find GDPR for Hotels helps you to prepare your business for working with GDPR but takes you beyond.  To a place where your business can flourish.

Key Membership Gives You:


Your Own Account Management Pages

Includes tools, systems, document sets and support to help you get your business ready to work with data privacy and GDPR.

As soon as your enrolment is accepted you have access to your own account management area where you can manage your membership subscription.

Covered By The 60 Day "Buy It Back" Guarantee

You'll like it, you'll use it or your money back.  Try Key 1 or Key 2 Membership for up to 60 days.  In the unlikely event you find you don't like it or you simply aren't using it, tell us and I'll buy your membership back from you.  No argument.  Every penny of your membership fees returned.

That's right. A money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

You even get to keep all the documents you  downloaded as part of the first 60 days of your Key Membership.

Regular Online Training with short, easy to access sessions.

From 12 week training programmes to short, sharp "micro" training sessions on specific topics.  Your Key Membership gives you access to exclusive training resources.

"21 Steps in 12 Weeks" GDPR Readiness System

With the first session ready for you less than 24 hours after you enrol.  The next eleven sessions follow at weekly intervals covering everything from data mapping to data incident management and breach response.

You choose the pace.  It doesn't need to be weekly, you can take your time and make steady progress.

21 Steps in 12 Weeks is designed to help you make sustainable and measurable progress towards preparing your business for working with GDPR and to take advantage of data privacy.

The system is regularly reviewed to make sure it matches the latest developments and interpretations of the regulation.

Another good reason for making use of your monthly membership.

Your Own Secure Document Management

You need a place to manage your preparation work.

We need a place to make fresh documents and content available to you in a way which doesn't clutter up your inbox.

Every Key Member gets a Citrix Sharefile client account.

You can use this to add new team members and control access to documents.

Plus Every Member Gets...

Monthly Email Digest Keeping You Up To Date With Data Privacy

Key Members receive a monthly update email about data privacy and GDPR related issues.  A monthly email because your inbox is already full enough.  Monthly means we can draw your attention to the items which really matter.   Allowing you to make an informed decision regarding  their relevance to your business

Printed Newsletter Pack - Delivered Monthly

The Privacy Keys newsletter is sent to Key Members every month.  It contains articles about the practical use of data privacy in business.  Together with reviews and news you will find useful.

Why a printed newsletter?  Sometimes it's just better to have a decent document to refer to.  Leave it on your desk, read it on the train or lend it to your colleagues.

gdpr good signs

​Readiness Self Assessment Tools

Your true state of readiness for GDPR and the Data Protection Act will only be known when it is tested.  Which is why your key membership comes with some self assessment tools to help you prepare and prioritise your readiness project.  Then maintain your readiness condition.

Key Membership - The Full Contents

Both Key 1 and Key 2 Memberships are packed with value you can use almost anywhere.

Key 1 or Key 2 Membership? - What You Will Get

Key 1 Membership Includes

Key 2 Membership Includes

Online members area with exclusive website resources.

Complete "21 Steps To Readiness" GDPR readiness programme delivered to you over the first 12 weeks of your membership for you to use in your business.

Monthly data privacy email briefing.

Access to the On Data privacy Support System with the "Never Alone" Guarantee.

Members only discounts and offers on privacy products and services.

Printed "Privacy Keys" newsletter delivered by post.
Your own secure online privacy document workspace.

Readiness self assessment tools.

No risk, 60 day Buy It Back guarantee.

Everything in Key 1 Membership PLUS:

A monthly, by appointment, 20 minute personal coaching call, where you choose the topic.

Marketing data privacy advice webinars.

Access to a dedicated staff online training channel.

Share your Key 2 Membership with up to four members of your team.

Key 1 Membership:

£59.95 per month

Key 2 Membership:

£139.95 per month

(all prices net of VAT at 20%)


Be informed.  Stay Informed.  Put data privacy to work for your business today.

Key Membership in On Data Privacy is a cost effective way to  get to grips with GDPR and prepare your business to take advantage of the modern data economy.


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Still Not Sure? This is an important decision.

It is not for everyone.

Not everyone wants to take advantage  of the opportunities presented by the modern data economy. After so many years of pleasing themselves with personal data belonging to other people, some business owners simply want things to carry on as before.  Key Membership in On Data Privacy won't suit them.

Need to think about it?  What else do you need to know?  With Key Membership starting at just £59.95 a month, we've turned a big step into a little one.  With a full 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. You can enrol today, your first of twelve weekly sessions arrives tomorrow.  What you do with it is up to you. This works at your pace. You are in charge.

Delay your decision and all you do is postpone the date from which you can start to take advantage of these new data protection regulations. You can stay part of the crowd or you can set about proving to your customers you are worthy of their trust.  It's part of your licence to operate in the modern data economy.

What Are You Waiting For?  Without wishing to appear to be pushing you towards enrolling right now - I understand you will make a decision in your own time - but what are you waiting for?  If you still want to "wait and see", here is what is likely to happen in the short term:

  • Your data subjects will continue to self-educate about their rights over their personal data.  Even if you don't want to make an effort, they will.
  • A data breach, even if it simply a non-reportable incident, is going to happen.  It is inevitable.  The best way to protect your business and preserve your energy and resources is to be ready.   Every month you delay pushes your ability to be ready further back by one month.
  • Your ability to respond in compliance with instructions, requests or notices issued by your data partners, whether they be controllers or processors in their own right, will be restricted.

"Wait and See" - it is a strategy, of course it is.  However it is neither a good, nor intelligent one.  After all, it can only delay the date on which your new customers can place genuine trust in your business and place a new order.

A Summary of Key Membership...

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    A GDPR Readiness programme
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    Up to date, fresh insight
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    Data Privacy know how
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    Affordable and Sustainable

All this now for just:


​For data privacy insight and techniques you can put to work in your business straight away.


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Try Key Membership in On Data Privacy for 60 days.  In the unlikely event you find you don't like it or you're not using it, tell me.  I'll buy your membership back from you.  No argument.  Every penny of your membership fees refunded.

"Try Key Membership for 60 days.  If you don't like it or don't use it, I'll buy it back from you.  You can even keep any electronic downloads you used.  We part as friends."


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