21 in 12 - GDPR For Hotels

21 Steps In 12 Weeks

Your Data Privacy & Protection Readiness Programme

This programme is made available to you over the first 12 weeks of your Key Membership in GDPR for Hotels.

You may have previously worked on preparing your business for GDPR and the new Data Privacy Act 2018.  In which case some of this might be familiar to you and you will be able to slot your existing efforts straight into this programme.

On the other hand, if this is all new to you, you will benefit from the regular steps and steady progress you will be able to make.  Just because the programme is delivered over 12 weeks doesn’t mean to say you need to complete it within that period.  How long it actually takes will depend on the resources of staff time and money you are able to apply to the project.  However it is designed to be easy to absorb by smaller businesses who don’t have the benefit of in-house legal or privacy experts.  Note that there may still be occasions when you need to seek the advice of a legal expert.  This process is useful but it is not legal advice.

The 12 Week Programme

The 21 steps are delivered within the 12 week programme.  Some steps are very simple, which means you can take several steps in one week.  Other steps can be quite involved, so you will find that some weeks are more challenging than others.  The important thing to remember is that every week you will be making recorded, demonstrable progress towards preparing your business for working with the new Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR it contains.

Each weekly session comes with instructions, training videos and working documents.  You will be able to store and share your documents in the Citrix Sharefile account that comes with your Key Membership.

Programme Contents

The 12 weekly sessions are as follows:

Week 1 – Commitment and Understanding

Week 2 – Training the working group

Week 3 – The personal data audit

Week 4 – Process mapping

Week 5 – Gap analysis and prioritised action plan

Week 6 – The governance structure

Week 7 – Lawful reasons for processing

Week 8 – Creating and updating privacy notices

Week 9 – Implementing technical and organisational measures

Week 10 – Reviewing data controller and processor contracts

Week 11 – Creating incident response systems

Week 12 – Testing, evaluating and maintenance

To see what you get in each session, enrol as a Key Member today.  Your first session will be available to you tomorrow.

Remember, if you try this for up to 60 days and in the unlikely event you find you don’t use it or don’t like it, it is covered by the “Buy It Back” guarantee.

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